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Too Many Legos

Last night I got to thinking about what my doctors actually do for me.  Granted, I do have a couple of good ones that listen but do they….really?

Example, when I went to the ER beginning of 2016 due to  inability to breath, all I was offered was an uncomfy bed, ‘normal’ tests and yet no closer to what the hell is going on with my body.  I told the ER doc it is probably lupus flaring up and he  had no idea what I was talking about. Awesome!  So instead of sending me home, they sent me to Henry Hood for an EKG. I kept telling them you are not going to find anything but hey, it’s only my body.  So of course, heart is healthy.  I’m just done with doctors and how little they do help.  I thought for sure they would help with my tachycardia or something.  Nope, just go home and here’s the bill.

Now that I have new symptoms, I’m so leary of going to see another doctor.  More tests to show nothing that I have to pay?  Fuck that!  I did get my CT done and no cancer was no where.  But now, I have gas build up in my intestines making it painful to burp, moments of crazy BMs,  and I have dropped down to 120#.

Tired of stepping on these legos but I guess I am getting used to the pain of the corners. So if you are wondering if I am in a good mood, chances are….no.  I just want my normal life back when I could do things without feeling winded, or muscles sting, focusing is incredibly hard.   If you talk to me and my eyes glaze over, I’m really trying to pay attention but I lost that battle.    Now I just wait to see what other symptom is going to rob me of my freedom.