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Easy Sunday Mornings

I love Sunday mornings even though most mornings are the same but Sunday has a quiet demeanor about them.

I was playing around, looking for different themes for my new blog and still nothing catches my attention.  I really don’t want to build my own.  Just too lazy for that and I have done it too.  I just want something purple-ish with spoons, since that is my main theme.

I am also going to do is write in this at least once a week (unless something crazy comes up..doc appts, cute dog picture, etc) to give an idea on what is going on for this week.  Well here we go!!!

This week we may start getting this house into shape.  My cousin’s husband, Joe, is going to do some patch work in our bedroom and bathroom.  Before any painting can be done, the attic has to be inspected to see if we need more vents.  Our ceiling paint is chipping so what’s the point of painting if it’s going to chip due to ventilation?   Personally, I think the paint is just old…say 10 years!  Anyways, it’s a start to get this house in shape since we are not going anywhere soon.

Also, this week, I am going to Sally’s Beauty shop with my friend Janice to get hair products to start learning how to style my pixie cut.  I have a list of what this one gal did on YouTube and I absolutely love her cut!  (xoxoPrettyBitches).  I know some I may not get exact but it just takes time and practice.  What else do I have to do?   I am also ordering some new makeup this week!  Such an exciting week!  House is getting pretty, I’m getting pretty…..Yay!

I still have this nasty cough that just won’t quit.  Sinus drainage and up/down weather don’t mix.  Plus with me coughing, it puts pressure on my already damaged bladder.  peeing is already difficult to do as it is!  Speaking of that, I do go back to my oncologist in April.  Probably get another CT and hopefully will be clear to enjoy a summer for once.

Well, I think I covered everything for this week.  I may do a video during the week…maybe about the done patchwork, hairstyles or my dogs running around.  World is an open book!

I found this picture that is a chronic illness alphabet.  It’s cute but so true….unfortunately