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Changing of the guards

Well I have been on infusions for over a year and I have decided to start doing autoinjectors (AI) at home.  This means no more driving to the medical center, hours during in a cramped room, getting loaded up on benedryl and T3, and being around sick people.  This AI will give me the freedom to do this at home set a time I chose. Plus if we go camping, I can take it with me and still go camping!

I am also dwindling down my meds. I talked my rheummy into cutting back the lyrica. It’s not doing anything for the pain and I wear my fabric AFO most of the day. It definitely helps with walking. Right now I’m only taking one lyrica for this week and then the following week, one every other day.  I have to wean off of this so I don’t have to take it.  Waste of money and time.

As for AI, I should hear from someone in a week.  I have four weeks to get things resolved before my body gets grumpy. My due date is June 27.

Here goes nothing!


Just me trying to make ever day count.

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