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Physical Therapy evaluation 

Today I went to Henry Ford’s Rehab to get my right leg evaluated. The PT guy,  Ron, did all types of flexing and strength tests.   Overall, I failed.  I have barely any strength in my right leg and foot. 

I also have a rx for an ankle brace to help with balance and to get me to walk ‘normal’ again.    

Anywho,  I start PT next week and I have to go twice.  They are going to strengthen the muscles since they are weak. He told me that I will still have the neuropathy but the PT can help keep it from getting worse.  

I have my EMG after thanksgiving and I really don’t look forward to that.   The whole needle thing freaks me out.  


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Honor Your Own Self

So today I had my neurologist appointment.  Last minute cancellation and I got it!  WOOT!

Anywho, The doctor did the reflex, strength and vibration tests on my hands and feet.  So weird not feeling anything on my feet.   Still freaks me out.  So the next step is a head MRI (BOOOOOO!) and an EMG (DOUBLE BOOOOOOOO!)   Glad I still have some xanax left from prior MRI testing.  Plus Fairlane has the open machine as well!  YAY!

I still have the red bumps on my big toes and fingertips. Plus I still have the ucler on my roof of my mouth so eating is a challenge.  I am seeing the dermi next week, Friday. This Thursday I get to see the dentist and cannot wait for that.  This Lupus has weakened my teeth.

I don’t tell you all this so you can feel sorry for me.  I really don’t want that.    I want you to educate yourself on Lupus and know.  And please do not tell me there is always someone else who has it worse.  Well you know, this is my worse and I am honoring my own body and self.  No one knows what it’s like in someone else’s shoes.  Have empathy and compassion for each other.  I know I forget sometimes to show kindness but we all forget at times.

I’m going to enjoy this day with the sunshine and 64 degrees in November!  Remember to honor your own self and be kind to each other.