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The Great Plus’ In My Life

I follow a few blogs to see what’s going on and to get inspiration on write a new post.  This one was a challenge but it is needed to be written down and for me to see it.  We all need to be better to ourselves.  I know I am constantly negative and for some reason, it is easier to believe the the good.  So here are a few awesome things in my life that are my superpowers! 🙂

  1. I can adapt –  Most of my young adult life, I worked at a temp agency.  This means odd jobs, as well as, office jobs.  Some of those jobs I never knew existed until I received my orders.  This also is connected to my chronic illness.  I was diagnosed in 2004 and it was a mourning time.  After that, I had a wedding to plan, overtime to work and my life was going to change from single to married.  I thought Lupus was going to keep me down but no, it just made me adapt to a new life.  I still look back at my prior life but quickly look forward to now.  I have a good group of doctors and great support group.
  2. I am curious about the people I see around me – When I go out, I always wonder about the person who is waiting in line with me or just passing me by.  I wonder what their life is like, do they have heavy burdens, I wonder if I could comfort or help.I know there are millions of other with chronic illnesses and I would love to do anything in my spoon reservoir to help.
  3. Meet some incredible people – The Internet has introduced me to some folks who understand and are just plain awesome!  Besides already having a great support from my friends at home, these people offer their spoon when I am in need and I do that for them as well.  I never knew an Internet relationship can be so helpful and fulfilling.  I would love to meet some of these great people as well to wrap my arms around and call them family.
  4. To enjoy life –  For me, this is still a hard one but I do try.  In the summer, we do camp.  The preparation does cause me some anxiety but we camp with another couple and they do help ease my tension.  No one person does everything.  We share in it all.  Every little aspect in life needs to be enjoyed.  It’s those little things that make life worth it. A shared joke. A sunset/sunrise. Watching my dogs sleep. Baking cookies.  All these moments are savored for me.

These are just a few that popped in my head but I know there are probably more. Life has definitely delivered some curve balls and I have missed a few.  But the great thing, I have hit a couple and accepted where they went.  I’m learning that life does have humor and love, I just have to look for it in everything.