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Starting Fresh in 2016

Hello and Good Morning!

It’s about 6am here in Michigan and I was curious about starting a new site about my adventures in Lupus-land and Cancer-vania.  I am breaking away from Blogger since WordPress has more flexibility and whatnot.  I’m still keeping Blogger since I have many years involved and ups/downs.  I just need a fresh start…

So being fresh, let’s start with today.  I am getting myself back into walking.  Not so much for weight loss but to not lose muscle.  My muscles have atrophied a bit from treatments.  Also, I am almost at the end of my prednisone regimen.  I was on it for my breathing/lung/heart issue (Thanks Lupus!).

I finally got my hair cut the way I wanted.  I got my pixie cut and learning how to style is a bear but I am learning!  I love playing around with it. It’s been a while since I got to do that!  Also, I am messing around with eye makeup to make me feel pretty.  I know it’s your inside beauty that matters but damn it, I want to look in the mirror and not see BLA.  I know I look good without makeup but it just makes me feel girlie.  I like that!

So this is the first picture is back in 2012 when I was losing my hair.  After a while, I started to shave it off since there was more missing than hair.  AFter a few years, it started to grow back and let it just grow.  It was baby fine so I kept it real short.  Another year goes by and there I was with thick hair!  WOW!  I got excited and blonde it out and added purple!  My hair is a natural dark brown so I decided to go back to it.  At least when the roots grow I won’t see it!  BONUS!

I may do some camping blogs on here.  It was hard to do them on Blogger.  I kept fighting with the photos and how they were arranged.  I guess I will find out with this! So that is my first post.  Now to play with themes and colors to find just the right look!



I'm a Lupus and Cancer Warrior. I love to camp, play with my dogs, walk and pretty much anything. I'm happy to be alive!

2 thoughts on “Starting Fresh in 2016

  1. So sorry that you are battling cancer. Although I have not battled cancer, I watched my mom fight the disease for 2 years. You are in my thoughts and prayers! Love the pixie cut, too! I used to have long hair, then chopped it all off into a pixie cut. I don’t think that I will ever go back to long hair again 🙂


    1. Thanks for the hair compliment. It’s steadily falling out again. Lupus really sucks. So sorry to hear about you mom taking on the cancer monster. It’s a mean bastard. Thank you for reading my blog. I really do appreciate it!

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