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A new treatment..

So I went to see Dr. McHargue (my dermi) today at the New Center One building in Detroit.  I really do love this guy.  He reminds me of my first dermi who didn’t sugar coat or treat me like I was crazy.

First on my red hands…


If I massage them, the redness goes away.  This is one of the many fun things with Lupus and connective issue disorder.  This redness goes up my right arm to my shoulder.  It doesn’t hurt but it does give me a complex.  I don’t know what I am going to do come summer.  The dermi pretty much told me it was a mix of my disease plus how cold it has been.  He recommended taking Vaseline and covering my hands up at  night.  He also stated that the muckier the gloves are (after a while), the better absorption the skin will take.  Odd huh?  I still need to get my calcium and D3 supplements but in due time.

Now the new treatment… I am waiting for my rheummy to call me back but I am going on Benlysta.   This will get me off prednisone and help with my skin issues as well.  I have red patches on my face as of now and a bit of the butterfly rash.

So here I am now, just waiting.  Probably won’t hear anything until Monday (today being Thursday at 4:42pm). I will update when I know and can put it into thoughts/words.  That’s been hard lately.  Have a good night!!


UPDATE:  I received an email from my rheummy stating I need 3 tests done.  I need an x-ray of my chest, a hepatitis panel (blood work), and a TB test. Not sure if this is a walk in or I need to make an appointment but it has to get for before starting this treatment.

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After the Holidays and Disney

I think I have finally eased my flare from our trip. I anticipated some form of flare but I do not regret it. I enjoyed being with John as he made all the plans. I have a lot of cool memories from it all, even the driving.  I have my memory box decorated and my last piece are the photographs I sent out.
But now,things are quiet and back to normal. At least next week I get to do bfast with my girls, another bfast date with family, and the last bfast date with my dermi. I’ll just bring some mini muffins or something.

I’m hoping for some kind of forward thinking with the dermi. He may start me in benlysta since nothing else is working at the moment.  I still have red rashes on my hands, fingers, arms and face.  Tired of being on prednisone. Tired of the whole song and dance to give me a quality of life. What quality? I’m a slave to my digestive system and bladder.  They run the show.

Anywho just a bunch of ramblings…