Vlog Challenge ~ Day 7

Today’s topic – filling my pill box for the week!  Fun times!


Vlog Challenge ~ Day 6

I didn’t realize I do not have a movie maker so I couldn’t put my into onto my video.  It would have been easier if my phone just let me flip my camera around.  Anywho, today’s topic is my patio and the things I want to do.  Enjoy!


12 Day Vlogging Challenge – Day 1

Hello and Welcome to my 12 day vlogging challenge.  I’m new to this so it will be a bit shaky for a bit.  I will take any comments or ideas to talk about during this time.  I am hoping to build up to a 30 day to doing this maybe every Friday for my blog.  Still not sure yet.  Anywho….here’s the vlog!