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New Year catch up

I know it’s been a while since I have done this. I have been dealing with very sore hands and fingers that didn’t allow me to do much.  It’s not a great picture2016-12-14 14.18.13 but those little sores that were on my fingers made life hell.  I went to a dermatologist (dermi) and she went off the deep end telling me it was blood clots thrown by my heart, I needed a TEE scope and $100 of ointment that didn’t do jack.  Clearly, I was upset and went to this heart specialist who took about 14 viles of blood. After all that, no one called to tell me what it all means.  Thankfully Henry Ford has MyChart and I can kind of follow and ask questions.  So end result to this……..Heart is great. Well that’s good news but why do I have this on my hands?!

I ended up calling my Rheummy.  I told her about the debacle with the dermi and whatnot. Plus I told her no one gave me any insight on the blood work.  She looked at it and said I was ‘normal’ with the blood work for a lupus patient. Then she put me on steroids to help with the inflammation.  You know what happened?  The steroids worked!  A $3 bottle of little pills worked!  I knew I should have went to the rheummy first!  But now, I have almost full use of my hands and things don’t hurt as much, even when they are cold!  YAY!

My other fun is my brace which I refer to it as Frankenfoot!  I received it just before Christmas of 2016. I decorated it, as you can tell. 2017-03-22 10.21.47 It does help with longer walks and it keeps me stable but it gets heavy after a time.  Who would of thought a piece of plastic would get that heavy? My next adventure is to hook up my driving assistant quickstick so I can do my own little errands and get the hell out of the house without depending on others.  I’m grateful for people that do help me but there are times I just want to go to Taco Bell and get me some food and go home without disturbing others’ days.  With my hands healing and nicer weather approaching, my mood has been better.  So I need to get my independence back!


Next is our camping season!  This I cannot wait.  This will be the first summer without cancer treatments and I can enjoy without the side effects looming.  I still get some but they are not as worrisome!  One trip will be to the Porcupines (UP) so we have to cross the Great Mack bridge.  I’m not a fan of it but you gotta do what you gotta do!  I forget our other trips but we do have a few booked!  It will be so nice to be able to eat and share laughs this summer.  I can tell from last year’s pictures that I was feeling bad.  I love taking pictures but there were few.  I regret that but, again, not feeling well makes you just want to curl up and sleep.

So I think I caught up on everything.  I’m hoping everyone is doing well!  Take care and talk to you soon!



Just me trying to make ever day count.

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