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After the Holidays and Disney

I think I have finally eased my flare from our trip. I anticipated some form of flare but I do not regret it. I enjoyed being with John as he made all the plans. I have a lot of cool memories from it all, even the driving.  I have my memory box decorated and my last piece are the photographs I sent out.
But now,things are quiet and back to normal. At least next week I get to do bfast with my girls, another bfast date with family, and the last bfast date with my dermi. I’ll just bring some mini muffins or something.

I’m hoping for some kind of forward thinking with the dermi. He may start me in benlysta since nothing else is working at the moment.  I still have red rashes on my hands, fingers, arms and face.  Tired of being on prednisone. Tired of the whole song and dance to give me a quality of life. What quality? I’m a slave to my digestive system and bladder.  They run the show.

Anywho just a bunch of ramblings…




Just me trying to make ever day count.

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