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Adding to My Dream Team

Finally saw a Urologist today.  Actually this doctor specialty is the female urology parts!

Anyways, when he first entered the room, he introduces himself (Dr. Richardson) and tells me that he is a hugger.  I got to hug my doctor!  Love that!  So we discuss my problem and what not.  I felt very at ease with him and not rushed into doing anything.  So, of course, there was an exam to see what could be the problem.  He thinks it is the outer area that is inflamed.

He gave me three things to do:

  1. Dance/meditate (MBSR).  I wanted to learn how to meditate and maybe this will help my mind not be so concentrated on the pain.  Pretty much, how he explained it is that I have to accept it.  He is a no-nonsense doctor and told me it won’t be easy.
  2. I have to wash the urethra area with water or Epson salts.  Well, I have water handy so that will have to do.
  3. He asked me to try the lidocaine 2%  to see how I react to it.  I did have estrogen and it burned so he wants to know how the lidocaine reacts.

So that is what I have to do at this moment.  We are doing baby steps to see what happens. I’m so glad I made the appointment and glad my mom got to go with me.  I feel a little at ease but I know I have to relax more and not let everything get to me.

The doctor has a thought that it could be Vulvodynia (Info on vulvodynia).  I’m discovering all these new diseases that I never knew existed!  How about that!?



Just me trying to make ever day count.

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