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Catching Up!

The Hubster had to travel for work this week.  He ended up going to Denver, Colorado! 6-colorado-springs-750xx800-450-0-75 I’m super jealous of that!  Anyways, my week seemed to be the same.  I usually don’t see him during the week as it is.  The night’s are weird but, for me, I’m tired so I just go to sleep.  No biggie.  I know the boys miss him lots.   I know I sound heartless but I usually don’t talk to him during the week since he gets home so late.  This week really is the same as any other week.  Sad, huh?

My right eye has swollen up again. What a hot, sexy mess I am.  I am going to the doctor aga2016-03-09 16.30.39in so they can give me antibiotics that give me diarrhea. I have been taking Benadryl at night.  At least it isn’t as painful as last time.  This morning, though, I woke to no feeling in my fingers on my left hand.  It’s really hard to type when you can’t feel the keys under your hand; then you can’t really see straight since the right eye isn’t focusing right. Again, I’m a hot mess!   Isn’t a messed up autoimmune system so much fun?  But it’s all in our heads or ‘fad’ disease.

Next month I go back to the oncologist to get scheduled for a CT Scan to see what cancer is doing in my body.  I honestly do not want to go through this a 3rd time.  I don’t think my body can handle this anymore.  It’s bad enough I cannot pee without yelping in pain.  It just plain sucks that I am living a life like a person who has IBS but I don’t know what will trigger the moments of bathroom runs.  I do know that anything roughage will give me the runs but that is to be expected.  Still sucks!

But that is part of an AI disease and Cancer kick-asser!  🙂



Just me trying to make ever day count.

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