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Anniversary of Diagnosis

Today marks my 12th year of being diagnosed with lupus. It’s been a long journey of doctors, tests, symptoms, pain, etc etc.  I have adapted and educated myself and others about this disease with no cure.  I am on medication for the rest of my life with spots of prednisone usage.  The thing I really despise of this disease is its own spontaneity.  What I mean by this is that it is hard for me to plan to go out with friends…even if it is out for breakfast.

During this journey, I met a lot of people who are doing the same thing..battling lupus.  I met some great friends and rekindled friendship with others.  Lupus has shown me how to adapt and listen, truly listen, to my body and what it needs.  This is a gift no one gets it unless they get it.

Now to write down my list known as my ‘Dream Team’.  Some of the doctors are my cancer but work with me because of lupus.

  • Dr. Bishnoi – Rheumatologist
  • Dr. Hanna – Oncologist
  • Dr. Elshaikh – Radiologist
  • Dr. Nalamati – Colon
  • Dr. Katukuri – Endo
  • Dr. Panchagnula – GP
  • Dr. Mott – Orthopedic
  • Dr. Kerr – Dermatologist

My ‘Dream Team’ is all out of one hospital, thankfully, so that I can keep my records straight.  Plus with Henry Ford’s My Chart, I can see my test results, appointments and ask questions.  No this is not a plug for them, just grateful to have them and this technology!

So here’s to another 12 years of the journey and to see where it leads me. Hopefully, not another ER visit!





Just me trying to make ever day count.

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