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Winter Storm ‘Petro’

2016-02-25 08.00.31

This is the view of our backyard.  We got about 3 inches of snow but most of it was slush and wet crap.  I did clean it up last night.  Good thing too because it could have froze and made more of a mess to deal with.  So again,I was out shoveling and cleaned up the front and the street in front of our house.  People think I am nuts for doing that because of being so wet but IF the plows come by, I won’t have a big ass mess to clean afterwards.

2016-02-25 11.30.23So here is the front of our house and you can see how anal I am about my how clean my front has to be.  So at least it is melting and I won’t have ice all over the place.  It really drives me crazy to see tire tracks on my driveway.  I don’t understand my thinking why but I just sends me over the wall.  So today is a ‘stay home’ kind of day.  I had the Tubby’s people deliver me some yummy food and I took some Norco for the pain I will have later on from shoveling.  Oh it is so much fun being me!  This weekend is supposed to be in the 40s so most of this will be melting anyways.

Around the mitten, my friend in Ortonville was dumped with 12 inches of snow with waist deep snow drifts.  We had those the last two years and I really don’t want that anymore.  I’m okay with cold temperatures.  Anyways, I’m going to finish up my lunch and curl up with my Netflix!  YAY HOUSE!




Just me trying to make ever day count.

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