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Connecting My Blogger

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This is the blog I kept since 2006.  It is interesting to see how much has happened during all this time.  My first post was in January so it is over 10 years old!  I like to go back and refer my doctor appointments to see how much I have improved and knowledge about Lupus.  Also, when others have scans or procedures that I have done, I can tell them my experience about it.  I don’t rely on my memory for much anymore since it goes more than it retains.  Everything gets written down or posted on the ‘fridge.

My last post was about my ER experience which was so bothersome.  Granted, yeah, I couldn’t breathe well which lead to high BP, soreness, high HR, etc etc.  All in all, they could not find anything in the CT scan, heart checkers, blood and urine.  Everything was normal (I use that word loosely).  Pretty much laid there and was fed an IV and used their bathroom…oh and ate some cookies.  Can’t forget the cookies!

Ended up getting a ride in an ambulance and staying at Henry Hood (Henry Ford Detroit) overnight.  At least they had my room ready, got some grub from my hubby and an Ambien!   Most of the details are in my Blogger (link on top of this post).  I may make a page to keep it easily accessible.

The staff at HF Sterling Heights were good.  They took care of me.  I just wish I could drop this damn cough/cold.  I believe I got it from the ER with all the hackers and flu folks.  Now my hubby has this same cough.  Maybe we should charge HF??  hahah!



Just me trying to make ever day count.

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